Is Online Bingo a Con?

No. Online bingo operators in the UK are strictly monitored by the UK Gambling Commission, and they must hold an operators license in order ot offer online bingo services to UK customers. If you have an issue with an online bingo operator then you can contact the Gambling Commission to make a complaint.

Which Bingo Site Is The Best?

It’s hard to define what the best bingo site is. That all comes down to personal opinion. We personally enjoy playing at Wink Bingo. and 888 Ladies.

How can I increase my chances of winning bingo?

Your odds of winning are directly proportional to the number of tickets being played in each game. If you avoid peak hours when lots of players are playing then you have a greater chance of winning. However, because less players are playing and less tickets have been bought, then the prizes on offer will also be smaller.

Why is bingo so popular?

Adrenaline and excistement. Bingo games can be played from as little as 1p a ticket and with most games lasting approxiamtely 3-6 minutes, it can be a cheap form of entertainment. Most bingo tickets and games will automatically daub your ticket so you never miss a win and will highlight your card with 1TG, 2TG, 3TG etc to show you how close you are to winning the game. Seeing these can peak adrenaline and excitement. It can also become addictive.

Can electronic bingo be fixed?

Yes. It is fixed. Fixed in terms of the fact that a pre-determined RTP % (Return To Player(s)) is set for each game. This means the house is always guaranteeed to earn money in every game, and players will always be paid their winnings.
An example may be that there are 10 tickets bought between 3 players at £1 each, thus generating £10 in ticket revenue. FH wins £3, 2L wins £2, and 1L wins £1, operator wins £4.

Will I have to give my card details when I sign up?

Practically every online bingo site in the UK will ask you for card details when you sign up, even if you don’t intend to make a deposit. Using a card can be a quick way for the operator to ensure your name and address is verifiable and in most cases you are over the age of 18. Even if you are required to sign up and enter your card details, absolutely no money will be taken from your card without you expressly choosing to make a deposit at the bingo site.

I have no card details; can I still play?

No. Not until we find some bingo sites that only require a name and email address to sign up. Until then you’re stuffed.

Didn’t there used to be more free bingo bonuses?

Yes. Before the Gaming Duty tax came in, free bingo games were offered as a way to entice customers to sign up and there were tons of no deposit bingo offers. When the tax came in, it meant that operators had to pay tax as though the games given away were real money. And we all know that operators don’t like paying tax which is why so many of them scrapped the freebies as they were costing them money. There are still however a number of no deposit bingo offers and you can check them out here.

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